Choreographer: Stephanie Ballard
Photo: Rodney S. Braun

Philosophy of Training

“There is a sense of harmonious energy throughout, with students, administrative staff, teachers, and the Co-Directors… working to mutually support one another.” – Canadian Heritage Assessor

The Program focuses on developing dancers that are technically strong, and artistically dynamic and open. It is the objective of the Program to develop dancers that have the facility to manifest the diverse artistry required by different companies and choreographers. We view the essence of training to be the removal of obstacles limiting the emerging of the artist within. To be ‘technical’ is to be optimally unbounded and free.

To achieve this, the Program is designed to provide an individual approach to dance training. There is a focus on mentorship and opportunities for all students to work on featured roles in Repertory, and Performance. As a result, enrollment is limited to approximately 36 students for the Program as a whole.

Extensive performance experience is central to the Program’s Philosophy of Training. The Program presents two performance series in December and May, public school tours in Winnipeg, and Performances for Young Audiences tours in Manitoba, as well as performance showings of students’ choreography, and special performance projects and festivals.