Choreographer: Peter Quanz | Photo: Rodney S. Braun

Choreographer: Peter Quanz | Photo: Rodney S. Braun

Choreographer: Peter Quanz | Photo: Rodney S. Braun

Entrance Requirements and Auditions

Entrance Requirements

Admission to the Program is by audition. Applicants should have completed an intermediate level of training in classical ballet, and/or contemporary dance, and show professional potential for a career in contemporary dance. An accepted applicant must hold a high school diploma, or qualify as a mature student, or as an accelerated student with the University of Winnipeg

Upon entry, students are placed according to their level in technique and performance. Most students are placed in First Year. However, sufficiently advanced students may enter the Program at the Second Year level.


Applicants may audition in-person or by video application. Students applying by video or to attend the in-person audition should submit their applications by January 31, 2024 to be considered within the first audition round.  Applications may also be submitted after this date if there are placements still available.

1. In-person audition: February 22nd and 23rd, 2024.

We highly recommend that applicants attend the two-day audition in February. Students participate in two morning audition classes each day and will be scheduled for interviews in the afternoon. This provides the opportunity for the applicants to familiarize themselves with the Program. Out-of-province students may also do a two-day audition at an alternative date through special arrangements. To arrange to audition in person, or to make inquiries about the Program, please contact Hillary Smith, School Administrator, by email or phone. After the initial contact, please submit a completed application form along with a resumé.

2. Video audition
Alternatively, students may apply by video.

To audition by video, please contact us by phone or email. After the initial contact, the applicant should submit the video, according to the application form directions. The applicant should also submit a completed application form and a resumé.

For further information please contact:

The Professional Program
Contact Person: Hillary Smith, School Administrator

104 – 211 Bannatyne Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 3P2

telephone: (204) 452-1239