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Choreographer: Stephanie Ballard
Photographer: Rodney S Braun

Directors, Teachers & Guests

“The School of Contemporary Dancers’ teaching staff is comprised of three full-time master core faculty and a diversity of esteemed guest instructors. The quality of the core teaching staff and guests is unparalleled.” – Canadian Heritage Assessor


Rachel Browne, C.M.: School Founder
Odette Heyn, C.M.: Professional Program Co-Founder
Faye Thomson, C.M.: Professional Program Co-Founder


Odette Heyn, C.M.: Co-Director
Faye Thomson, C.M.: Co-Director
Stephanie Ballard: Artist-in-Residence / Archivist
Gaile Petursson-Hiley: Artistic Associate
Claude de Moissac: Accompanist
Shirley Grierson: Accompanist
David Schneider: Accompanist

Guest Faculty

The Program has continued to feature several national and international renowned guests each year.

Over the years, the Program has drawn extensively on acclaimed artists from the Winnipeg professional community as guest teachers and in artistic collaborations. These artists have included: Jolene Bailie, Paula Blair, Kristin Haight, Brent Lott, Casimiro Nhussi, Nina Patel, Johanna Riley, Natasha Torres-Garner and B. Pat Burns (Voice).

Out-of-Province guests in the past five years have included: Peggy Baker, Serge Bennathan, Peter Bingham, Marc Boivin, Peter Boneham, Heidi Bunting, Susie Burpee, Ginelle Chagnon, Marie-Josée Chartier, Connie Cooke, Lesandra Dodson, Sylvain Emard, Bill Evans, Erin Flynn, Paul André Fortier, Margie Gillis, Don Halquist, Christopher House, Sasha Ivanochko, Ginette Laurin, Terrill Maguire, Jennifer Mascall, Christina Medina, Davida Monk, Sharon Moore, Tedd Robinson, Darryl Tracy, Julia Sasso, Roger Sinha, Dan Wild and others.

Core Administrative Staff

Charlene Kulbaba: Administrative Manager
Dwight Chmilnisky: Financial Manager

Board of Directors

Ellen Oberlander: Co-Chair
Trish Smerchanski: Co-Chair
Rhonda Smerchanski: Treasurer/Secretary
Holly Harris
Jennifer Litchfield
Fred Penner, C.M
Odette Heyn, C.M.
Faye Thomson, C.M.