Adult Faculty

Choreographer: Gaile Petursson-Hiley
Photographer: Rodney S Braun

The School Of Contemporary Dancers

Rachel Browne, C. M.: School Founder
Odette Heyn, C.M.: Professional Program Co-Founder
Faye Thomson, C.M.: Professional Program Co-Founder

Odette Heyn, C.M.: Co-Director
Faye Thomson, C.M.: Co-Director
Gaile Petursson-Hiley: Artistic Associate
Stephanie Ballard: Artist-in-Residence
Charlene Kulbaba: Administrative Manager
Dwight Chmilnisky: Financial Manager

The General Program

Kathleen Hiley: General Program Artistic Coordinator
Robyn Thomson Kacki: General Program Artistic Coordinator
Alexandra Winters: General Program Performance Producer

Gaile Petursson-Hiley: General Program Consultant
Paula Blair: General Program Advisor

Adult General Program Teachers

Emma Dal Monte
Victoria Exconde
Kathleen Hiley
Claire Marshall
Robyn Thomson Kacki